The Truth about Credit Card Offers

More than likely, you have received credit card offers in the mail. Surprisingly, even people with poor credit receive these offers. The fact is that more credit card offers are made to people who have filed bankruptcy than those without much debt. Remember, it is all about the money for credit card companies, which make the most money from people who maintain high balances and pay late fees on a consistent basis than those who pay off balances each month.

A common thread among people who have gone through a bankruptcy filing is a high credit card balance. To credit card companies, they believe that old habits die hard. Therefore, even after someone uses a Norwich attorney to file for bankruptcy and the case is dismissed, credit card companies know that most people will again carry a high balance if given the opportunity with a new offer.

Credit card companies target people who have filed bankruptcy because they know those individuals cannot go through another bankruptcy filing for a minimum of eight years. As a result, these people have no choice but to pay high interest rates and outrageous late fees based on what credit card companies want to charge.

You can stop receiving credit card offers in the mail, regardless if you are considering a bankruptcy filing with a Norwich attorney. This may help you avoid temptation and reduces junk mail. The process involved is actually quite easy. You can choose to have offers stop for a five-year period or, if preferred, on a permanent basis. Although a large number of offers come from mailing lists that the credit bureaus provide, by law, they must provide you with a means of opting out.

If you want to put credit card offers on hold for five years, simply call 888-567-8688 or visit When going to the website, you will need to provide your full legal name, mailing address, date of birth, and social security number on the online opt-out form. If you are more interested in stopping credit card offers permanently, visit the same website and print the form for permanent opt-out. Because a signature is required, you will mail the completed form back to the address provided.

Keep in mind that even after opting out of credit card offers, you may receive a few not associated with lists that come from credit bureaus. For example, if your bank or credit union has a special offer, it may send it to you via mail. The good news is that by going through the steps provided, the amount of offers that you receive will be dramatically reduced. In addition to the process being quick and easy, this eliminates unnecessary stress going forward.

Obviously, opting out of credit card offers helps tremendously in reducing debt. However, if you are in a position where a bankruptcy filing is your only way to get on top of your finances, it is important to hire the best attorney in Norwich.

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